Statistics Simulations Project

My colleague Tanya Byker and I developed these simulations to enhance our teaching of statistics and econometrics at Middlebury College. Kevin Serrao ’18, Dylan Mortimer ’19, Ammar Almahdy ’20, Jacqueline Palacios ’20, and Siyuan Niu ’21 provided excellent research assistance.

The Simulations (Most recent update: November 21, 2020)

Working Paper: Byker, Tanya, Amanda Gregg, and Dylan Mortimer. “Interactive Web-based Simulations to Teach Econometrics: Making Abstract Concepts Tangible.” Version: December 2019. Link

Instructor Materials
Law of Large Numbers
Central Limit Theorem
Joint Distributions
Least Squares Regression
Omitted Variable Bias

Please let us know if you have used these materials in class! We’d love to hear from you.